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    Architecture | Corporate Sample

    Corporate Sample from All Directions Media on Vimeo.
    About the video
    I really admire this firm, since bought by B+H. I've always loved buildings with stylized architecture. As a former art student myself and someone who travelled through most of Europe when I was younger, I was always aware of how my surroundings were affecting me. For just about every one of us, this involves interacting with building structures. I was asked to fix some footage that had been transferred to a DVD, that had some sound issues, and had to be reworked somewhat, but it was very challenging because it was a sealed file, meaning I couldn't treat elements individually. It's probably not a good idea to assume it will be cheaper and easier to cobble something you already have into something new again. But, just in case, obtain original material and archive everything. But in the end, it was a pretty nice photo summary and story of the firm's principle founder.


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